A Journal for the Curious

Find is here to help us all to slow down a bit. If you are here, we probably share a sense of wonder, of interest, of inquisitiveness. Find is enthralled and enraptured by the boundless possibilities of the world around us.

The inaugural issue of Find dives into the idea of edges. In these pages we have stretched, juggled and moulded edges in all their multitudinous ways. Find will ignite your collective curiosity, fulfill a sense of discovery, and take you on a journey of surprise and exploration. Find wants us all to take a breath, find a moment, and immerse ourselves in stories about identity, model-making, nature, loss, museums, ravioli, music and parking.

A very special thank you to anyone and everyone who had a hand in this labour. Without you, Find would still only be an idea.

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Issue 001


Prod. 2023